"Several times each day through many years, you have changed nappies (Am: diaper) and each time it stinks. How do you treat your baby? Do you rant and rave at him/her about it? Why not? What holds you back?

You want your baby to be happy and stress free and so you focus yourself on that and the nappy change is quickly done. You go into love and stay there and the shit just doesn’t disturb you.

It is now time to change the nappies of the politicians who have sold themselves to the bankers. For many decades they have been shitting on the rest of humanity because no-one has changed their nappies in love. Now we are going to do it.

Love is the source of creation; things putrefy only where it is missing. We have experienced enough of this to know that we have no use for it and so we take back our permission for their abuse of power.

How so can it be that they abuse the power with which we have entrusted them? Because we have allowed putrefaction and so much of it that everything that we and our forefathers have achieved is being devoured. Steadily more and more of the value which we have created with our skills and exertions is being stolen and handed over to the bankers. (They call this “taxation” of which more than 80% lands in the bankers’ pockets)"

Karma Singh's suggestion of using love is practical and immensely powerful. The issue is love comes through the heart. Opening the heart takes a lot of practice. It can become your normal state of consciousness.

The Tsunami of Love — by Karma Singh