"What does it mean to fall in love or be in love, or even stay in love?

In Buddhism, striving for that which is outside of our true nature, is seen as wasteful. Arbitrarily seeking fulfillment in another is an attachment based on a craving which will always ultimately end in suffering. Perhaps in this searching we can take one step closer to finding our true nature, one’s true vocation, our true purpose.

Time is so short—the memories are fading away. Truth is a cascade of moments. Enjoy the breath, flowing in and out ceaselessly like the waves on the shore in timeless perfection. This is the only true reality."

While I understand this point of view I don't agree with a number of premises. To me there is always a confusion between human love and Divine Love. Human love is rooted in material reality but its aspect is a reflection of the Divine and may bring about elements of enlightenment. It can indeed help us realize that our true nature is Love by sharing that with others.

Sometimes people try and describe 'Buddhist perspectives' and find themselves too much in their heads and not enough in the heart.

The Meaning of True Love (from a Buddhist’s Perspective) — by David Zenon Starlyte