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Thread: Was a thread automatically closed?

  1. #1 Was a thread automatically closed? 
    I wanted to reply to your image of the heart and infinite symbol interlaced in the theological arena, it is beautiful. I then noticed the thread was closed(11:11 related thread), I don't understand.

    Thanks for the help.

    Have a lovely day my friend.
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    You are discovering things about this forum that I've never noticed or used before. I went to the forum posting with the God's symbol (Infinite Love Apostrophe S) and saw that closed button. The funny thing was it didn't affect my ability to post because I'm the 'admistrator' and have an extra set of options available.

    Update: I found a solution to the 'Closed' topic issue you had encounteed. I don't know when that happened but I'm going through the forum and opening up any thread that seem to to have been closed by some unconscious action of mine. Yay thanks for the alert!

    Update 2: There were three inadvertantly 'closed' topics. Fixed.

    You also used and wondered about the "Quote" tag. I'd never used it and didn't realize its value. Now I've started using when I quote excerpts from articles to give people a sense of the content. Until now I've always used quotation marks and italicized the passages but the Quote tag is a better visual cue. I like it. Live and learn!

    Hey keep rummaging around! Almost no one else has ever actually used the forum and I'm sure there are more things I've missed. To date this has been my soapbox to visualize a new world mostly using other people's points of view. Ultimately a new world will be created by every individual and each point of view is important in weaving that tapestry.

    Thank you for adding to this forum!

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    Thank you Welles and thank you for having me here,
    There’s a wealth of information accessible to anyone at any time and I see your archives as a beautiful Love Project
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