I thought this was a particularly good article about letting go (of everything), freedom, living in the present etc.

A couple of months ago I was talking to a meditation teacher who I occasionally consult when I’m having issues with my practice. I was honest about my situation, and my frustration with it.

So I asked her what I was genuinely thinking; why doesn’t it feel like things are as good as they were twelve months ago?

And what she told me stunned me. I mean, it really left me thinking.

“You need to start living life with open palms. You tried to grasp onto the good times you had, and the experience has gone. But any challenges you have now will also go, you just need to hold onto them softly, with open palms.”

The metaphor was so poignant. It made complete sense. I could feel myself grasping onto the idea of the old scenario and making dozens of assumptions about the new one.
What It Means to Live Life with Open Palms and How This Sets Us Free — by Benjamin Fishel