I read this article with interest because it tries to be specific about the types of difficulties that are passed down through our families. To me this has always been one of the roots of our unconscious... not mind... at a deeper level. I also thought of these stumbling blocks as epigenetic tendencies and recognized that we also have collective human tendencies and cultural in addition to familial issues.

According to the science of Spirituality and unknown to modern sciences, 50% of difficulties in our lives are caused solely due to spiritual factors and another 30% due to spiritual and psychological and/or physical factors.

One aspect of these spiritual root causes of problems in our lives is the distress caused to descendants by the subtle bodies of their ancestors who have passed away (died). It is also one of the more common spiritual factors that affects almost all of humanity in some form or the other. Before we give a detailed explanation as to why our ancestors would want to cause any kind of trouble for us, let us first examine the kinds of difficulties that people can experience due to departed ancestors.

The distress caused to us descendants by the subtle bodies of our ancestors manifests in many ways in our day-to-day lives. It creates obstacles in both, our worldly lives as well as spiritual practice. In some cases, it may seem that the entire family has a dark cloud over it and various family members are undergoing various problems despite all efforts to overcome them.
What are ancestral problems? — by Michele Gleason