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Thread: Celebrating Seven Years of Self Governance in Cherán, Michoacán — by TV Cherán

  1. #1 Celebrating Seven Years of Self Governance in Cherán, Michoacán — by TV Cherán 
    The video is embedded in this story...

    A town in Mexico recently celebrated seven years since kicking out the corrupt narco government and reverting back to an indigenous form of self-governance.

    In the town of Cherán, in Michoacán, Mexico, a system of traditional indigenous law-enforcement and accountability continues to guide the people. In early 2011, residents of Cherán created armed militias to fight off illegal logging and drug cartels in their community. The community kicked out politicians and police accused of ties to the drug cartels and began a new system of governance based on Purhépecha traditions.

    On April 15 of this year, Cherán celebrated seven years since their revolt against what they call “the narco government”. The people marked the seventh year of self-governance by naming third Council of Elders.
    City Kicked Out Their Cops and Politicians 7 Years Ago and Now They Have the Lowest Crime Rates in Mexico — by Derrick Broze

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  2. #2 A Living Example Of Political Anarchy – No State, No Police, No Gangs, No Crime 
    We live in a supremely statist world, and ordinary people find it practically impossible to think outside of this box. If you ask the ‘man on the street’ what he thinks of political anarchism, you’ll notice that their mind is altogether incapable of even entertaining the possibility. They’ll tell you that anarchy is chaos, blood in the streets, riots, fires, mayhem, and the utter collapse of civilization.

    As a political philosophy, anarchy is something much different from the bad rap it has in the minds of the sheeple. It is a philosophy centered around the ideas of voluntarism and individual liberty, which, incredibly, are two ideas that are looked down upon by the pundit class and intellectuals that roam the halls of universities and state offices.

    To them, anarchy represents too much freedom, something that if it were granted to any notable group of people would cause them all to devolve into the lowest common denominator of base emotions and animal behavior.

    In other words, the prevailing wisdom of the day is that the state is an absolute necessity for keeping people civilized.

    But what about corruption? Is institutional corruption a civilized affair? Hardly.

    So, the question is, are individuals and groups of people at the community level capable of being civilized in the absence of an organized political body? Will their world collapse in on them, or is it possible to live in peace and harmony without the presence of government and its agents of force and violence?

    Interestingly, we have a living example today. The small town of Cherán, Mexico, in the state of Michoacán, with a population nearing 30,000 people has been operating without government, police, and cartels for the last 7 years.
    A Living Example Of Political Anarchy – No State, No Police, No Gangs, No Crime — by Isaac Davis
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