I loved this article. There is much talk about the ego and how one must eliminate it. I've never bought into those assertions recognizing a differentiation between active positive and reactive negative states of 'ego'. Vincent writes...

After having researched and studied the spirit and mind for over 35 years, I have been able to give full evidence to the following: IT HAS NEVER BEEN, AND IT IS NOT NOW, NOR WILL EVER BE YOUR EGO THAT CAUSES ANY OF YOUR CURRENT EMOTIONAL, MENTAL, OR SPIRITUAL ISSUES! The ego is God’s greatest gift to us! In fact, our egos and God are one!

Ego allows you to feel your magnificence and Divine nature. It allows you to feel good about yourself when you’ve done well. When you feel the Divine within you, when you feel good about yourself, you create your life MORE in the direction of love and goodness. So, your ego is the most important aspect of being a “being.” It is not an earthly trait. The Source of all there is, God, infused ego into us upon our creation. It is part of our very essence, and is in the likeness of God. GOD HAS EGO!!!
Is Your Ego Really The Culprit? — by Vincent Genna