I've listened to more stories like this than I ever posted because I'm really a fan of practical incremental spiritual growth. Quite a number of people have had extraordinary experiences that were major elements of their spiritual awakening. This particular story I found fascinating. Alexis Brooks is the interviewer and she had a more open mind than my own so I almost always listen to her podcasts even when I just don't know... Here is a bit about this particular story...

In 2010 while driving from work in his sports car, Barry Littleton suffered a near fatal car accident.

After being resuscitated by paramedics on the way to the hospital, Littleton suffered not one near death experience but two. During that time, Littleton experienced who he describes as “angelic beings” who radiated a frequency of love so strong that he said it literally “hurt.”

Not at all expected to live a normal life after the accident (his family was told he would most likely be a vegetable), Barry not only re-gained all of his faculties, but experienced a more potent set of senses. And from that point forward it has allowed him to dial in to what he believes to be a lifetime of contact with non-human intelligence.
By the way I'm linking you to a site that includes only part of the interview but it suggests you will soon be able to listen to the whole interview on iTunes or YouTube.

Near Death Experience, Angelic Intervention and the WAKE UP CALL of a Lifetime! — an interview by Alexis Brooks