This is a big one!

Whether we are talking about guru’s, pastors, content creators, meditation teachers, conscious journalists etc, there seems to be this big question about whether or not these people should make any money doing their work. This is something that is also personal to me as I have been working in this space for 10 years now and have heard everything in the book about whether or not we should ever make any money as Collective Evolution.

I can’t possibly put numbers down as to how much of the spiritual and truth based community feels this way, but we have certainly heard it a lot and have even been told that if we made money, we’d get corrupted and end up doing what many elite individuals do in the standard capitalist world.

This is a funny one because when people find out we, as CE, used to be making almost $2 million dollars a year and never lost our vision, got corrupted or sold out, things begin to change inside their perception. This is a conversation I always enjoy having as seeing people’s eyes light up to the possibility that money doesn’t corrupt is a beautiful thing.

Another interesting observation in this space is, it seems the average churchgoer has no issue keeping their community funded and flowing. Churches make millions every year. While some don’t always agree with how the money is spent, the communities thrive.
This is a struggle everyone who tries to share some sort of spiritual enlightenment encounters. I would suggest that there isn't a right and wrong but a different relationship to money for each person. Remember also that each person must be allowed to change for all things and relationships change. Everybody is making it up as they go... complete with errors, changes of mind and heart. Obviously Joe is struggling with the economic model that supports Collective Evolution since Facebook and others have instituted draconian censorship regimens. Personally, I support his work economically for I've found much value in it.

Should Spiritual Teachers Get Paid? — by Joe Martino