I've linked this story before from another site because I found it inspiring. I still do so here's a newer re-telling of a great story.

This is the story of an ordinary man.

He was an outcast, a landless labourer who had to trek across an entire mountain every day, just to reach the farm that he worked on. It was a treacherous trek, and led to accidents often. His people needed help, there were lives at stake every day. He decided, if no one would help his people, he would. Then, without pausing for a thought, he went ahead and did just that with his bare hands.

This is the story of Dashrath Manjhi: the man who moved a mountain, so that his people could reach a doctor in time.
The Man Who Carved A Road Through The Mountain So His People Could Reach A Doctor In Time — by Josceline Anne Mascarenhas