His writings are based on justice, politics and political health; all of which are topics of heated discussion in today’s society. Plato makes strong connections between the character of the city and the character of the soul. It is these lessons which Plato’s philosophy can, and is, still teaching us today.

In Thrasymachus, Plato sets out five types of regime: aristocracy, timocracy, oligarchy, democracy, and tyranny.

‘Democracy makes democratic laws, tyranny makes tyrannical laws, and so on with the others. And they declare what they have made—what is to their own advantage — to be just for their subjects, and they punish anyone who goes against this as lawless and unjust. This, then, is what I say justice is, the same in all cities, the advantage of the established rule.’

– Thrasymachus

Unsurprisingly, Plato also uses these regimes to describe the character of men and women.

The Five Characters of Man and City
What Plato’s Philosophy Can Teach Us about Life and Today’s Society — by Francesca F.