turning beyond

All around us, things seem to be breaking down. Many of us, who are seeing the hopelessness of trying to effect change in the outer world, are turning within for solutions. But somehow the whole idea of turning within rings a little hollow, knowing all the suffering and insanity that is going on all around us. We still keep thinking there must be a way to help “out there”, to bring about positive change in the world. So we keep struggling with the outer world, because turning within is considered “selfish”. And indeed it can be, if not done in the right spirit.

So my question is, is there another alternative? How about turning beyond? How would that be? Is there a way to transcend, AND be effective in the relative world? To truly be in the world but not of it? To stand before it arises, with eyes wide open, and to see right through all of it? and thereby be a fire that effortlessly burns the false?
Savior Self – The Resurrection of Bliss — by Kit Walker