As one of the oldest branches of philosophy, the Philosophy of Mind examines questions such as the nature of emotion, perception, memory, identity and death.

The doctrine studies how we connect to the world around us. It attempts to answer some of the most basic of life’s questions: who we are, how we work, and how we understand the world.

There are two schools within the Philosophy of Mind, Dualism and Monism, examining whether our mind and our body are separate, or if they exist as one.

The Philosophy of Mind is usually illustrated through thought experiments, which present problems to express how we understand the world and ourselves, or, rather, how we don’t understand it.

Here are three of the most interesting thought experiments that the Philosophy of Mind has to offer.
These three thought experiments are classics and well worth pondering if you've never considered them before.

Philosophy of Mind and 3 of Its Most Puzzling & Mind-Blowing Thought Experiments — by Francesca F.