It feels weird to think that 31 years ago I was born in this world. A couple of decades ago, I remember that my thirties seemed incredibly far in the future. But before I realized it, here I am, over 30 and heading toward 40.

So far my lifeís journey has been an incredible ride. Iíve gone through tons of ups and downs, both of which have taught me important lessons that allowed me to better understand myself and the world, as well as to build my life the way I want.

In this post Iíd like to share with you some of the greatest life lessons Iíve learned during the course of my life, in hopes that you will find them as helpful as I did. Without further ado, here they are:

1. This moment is all there is. The past is gone and the future is not here yet. The present moment is everything you have, so be sure to immerse yourself in it.

2. I donít know everything, and thatís totally fine. To learn, you need to admit that you donít know it all. In fact, not everything can be known, and thatís part of the beauty of life, which is an ongoing learning journey.
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31 Life Lessons Iíve Learned in 31 Years ó by Sofo Archon