A Fleeting Vision

What words lie below these ripples of lines on my blank page?
Like an early morning lake so still awaiting the wind
Like the hidden youthful heart lying beneath wrinkles of old age
Deep thoughts awaken like northern geese entering the lake
There is that moment of their awkward body becoming light
Gliding without visible effort drawn to travel on
Like these words seeking a rhythm and reason why I write.
A seagull lands on the beach where geese had huddled before
So silent was their leaving and they left without a trace
An energetic chipmunk has decided to explore
The myriad footsteps of yesterdays’ dreaming
Which is all these words can hope for capturing what has passed
A fleeting vision, a deep thought, an opening within
A hopeful scrawling of some moment that I wish could last
Waddling across the page, like geese across the sand