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Thread: Disclosure: Coming Soon To This World

  1. #61 BG Puppet Shot — by Willy G.'s Dystopian Future 

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  2. #62 An extremely good insight to what really happening right now — by Charles Ward 

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  3. #63 Here You Go, Folks — by Anna Von Reitz 
    This brief article is based on an image. You need to see it to appreciate Anna's points in context.

    Here You Go, Folks — by Anna Von Reitz

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  4. #64 HOW IS THIS STILL SECRET?! Military Insider Interview — by James Red Pills America 
    This is the greatest story never told. I've followed J. Russell Gould off and on for seven or eight years and wasn't able to truly understand what he was doing. This video make complete sense because it doesn't require that we understand the more brilliant aspects of his work.

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  5. #65 Questioning Covid — the best website for actual facts... no politics 
    We believe this crisis represents a world-changing opportunity to expose and transform antiquated ideologies that restrict health freedom. Germ theory is a scientifically bankrupt paradigm based in warfare models of pathogenic invasion. This theory has been leveraged as an instrument for geopolitical and social control – largely in the form of a vaccination agenda – to subdue the populace through coerced and forced bodily penetration and associated disability, mortality, and surveillance. As a result, conventional Western medicine functions as a sort of religion based on consensus assumptions and dogmatic medical monotheistic posturing. At its core, this approach is not salugenic or scientific and thus violates its stated ethical parameters around informed consent, beneficence, and an uncompromised evidence base.

    We believe that citizens should be free to exercise their natural right to practice medicine as they see fit – in retention both of bodily sovereignty and civil liberties. To that end, we orient ourselves around the foundational premises that the body is inherently wise, that symptoms are meaningful, and that radical healing is eminently possible when we align with the earth and honor our place in the natural world.
    Questioning Covid — the best website for actual facts on all aspects of the subject.

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  6. #66 The Mask is the Mark of the Beast in Larval Form — by Dylan Charles 
    I'm a very religious person... but on my own trajectory. I completely agree with this opinion piece written by Dylan Charles (who is spiritual, not religious), the creator and editor of Waking Times.

    Let’s just for a moment suspend all disbelief in the official Covid-19 narrative. Let’s set aside questions about mortality rates, death certificate designations, controversy over treatments and testing procedures, and politics.
    Instead, I want to zoom out a bit and do some traveling back and forth in time in order to bring your attention to the progression of something critically important to all free human beings on this planet.

    There’s a great divergence taking place, dividing our country and perhaps the entire world. To most, this was all unexpected. A big surprise. To others, this has been a long time coming, but through the fog of confusion around us, one thing is crystal clear to those of us who’ve been watching, warning and waiting for a long time: we are on a stepping stone toward a very dystopian future where personal sovereignty and privacy will become historical ideas unfitting for such a brave new world.

    I am not a religious man, but I do come from a Christian culture, and of particular note today is a chapter in the Bible that strikes abject fear into the hearts of believers. Revelation 13, particularly the following sentence which refers to The Beast coming out of the earth:

    “It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, 17 so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.” ~Revelation 13
    The Mask is the Mark of the Beast in Larval Form — by Dylan Charles

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