Quantum Activism is about changing ourselves and creating a better world in accordance with the new paradigm articulated by Quantum Physics: consciousness creates reality. The goal of a quantum activist is to express Good, Beauty, Truth, Justice, and Love in their life and to intend those qualities for all of humanity. In doing so, the quantum activist will help transform the world.

This article is based upon the teachings of Dr. Amit Goswami, Ph.D., a retired professor emeritus of theoretical physics and the author of “Quantum Mechanics”, a highly successful textbook that is used in universities throughout the world. In addition, he the author of numerous books that bridge science and spirituality including “The Self-Aware Universe”, “Physics of the Soul”, “Quantum Creativity”, “The Quantum Doctor”, and “God is Not Dead.”
There are a number of quotes from the good Dr. Amit followed by some specific thoughts from Ross such as...

There is No Us Versus Them.

Our collective consciousness has created the problems of our world. You cannot solve the problems by fighting against anyone or anything. Avoid judging others as being wrong. And, never focus on what you don’t want. Simply, send out heart-felt intentions of what you do want.
If You Want a Better World, Become a Quantum Activist — by Ross Pittman