Have you ever felt a seed of brilliance and magic inside of you… a soaring potential… a knowing that you were created for amazing things? We all have this unbelievable potential within us, but how many of us truly stretch the bounds of what’s possible? And are we all supposed to do this? To reach some level of talent that is superhuman?

We all know brilliance when we experience it; that mysterious something from beyond ourselves. It’s that breathtaking moment of wonder, when you see or create an incredible piece of art for the first time, or you read something lusciously poetic, hear an extraordinary piece of music, or watch an unbelievable sporting moment. Brilliance brings forth an electric moment of grace that goes beyond humanity.

In his book Radical Brilliance, international author and spiritual teacher Arjuna Ardagh describes how we all have a universal instinct and a sense of one pivotal decision we could make that would transform everything in our lives, like a magic switch.

This intuition we all share of our potential creates something like an itch. It is a longing for something which your mind cannot quite articulate, but your heart will not let you forget. It is as though you are homesick, but you can’t remember where you live.
So can we all access these states of brilliance? Apparently we can! His book guides us to a deeper state of genius and a place beyond mind.
The Art of Authentic Brilliance — by Azriel ReShel