I want to add my own thought here. There's no doubt there are guardian angels just as there is no doubt there entire realms of beings who potentially can assist our lives if we ask. I've not appealed to GA's directly which may be a failing but have lived my life from 'relatively' divine guidance. For me these are inspirations and illuminations along with a never ending series of synchronicities. The fact that someone of relatively greater divinity than myself is helping to orchestrate those is a given. In that light some of the information Aarti provides doesn't quite fit my world but it may be tremendously illuminating for you. The person who sent me the link said this article is exactly right from her point of view and she has been on her working spiritual path for over 75 years.

Who are your Guardian Angels?

Do you remember how your mothers used to wrap your lunch so you do not have to stay hungry during school? How did she mention specific details about you to your teacher in case of allergies or an illness? She did it to protect you on your journey from home to school and then way back home. Your ultimate parent (call it mother or father) was equally concerned for you while sending you to the material plane. Hence, she/he assigned you the guardian angel/s to protect you in the journey of your life.

Guardian angels are with you right from your incarnation (as you enter your mother’s womb) and assist you till your soul departs from here. They may even guide you to the next incarnations. They are the light beings that remain with you to aid you in every concern you encounter. They help you resolve things daily and answer each query of yours. You just need to think of them and allow them to intervene in a situation. Their divine guidance includes the message of the Ultimate as they are the ‘messengers of God.’
7 Signs Of Communication From Your Guardian Angels — by Aarti Seraphim