Ever On...Ever On...Ever On...

There are vast stretches of nature untouched by mans’ hand
Where these eyes can wander over miles and miles of land
Freeing my spirit in wonderment of all I see
Over snow-capped mountains and treetops down to the sea
Though what may lay beyond them there is no way to know
I remember a song that I sang so long ago:

“And I was wondering if you have been to the mountains
To look at the valley below
Have you seen all the roads tangled down in the valley
And did you know which way to go?
Oh the Mountain stream runs pure and clear
And I wish to my soul I could always be here
But there’s a reason for living way down in the valley
That only the mountain can know”

All those miles of dirt roads leading in and then out
Of magnificent landscapes I want to write about
No words are capable of capturing the feeling
Like trying to see the stars looking thru the ceiling
Knowing such vast beauty holds us as we walk along
Lifting our spirits high enough to sing an old song
Offering the strength and courage to keep walking on
Seeking Love to guide us as we journey ever on

“Ever on...Ever on...Ever on...Ever on”