Tamara shares another perspective on the value of listening to that voice within that is only accessed in a state of inner quiet.

Many of us from time to time have tasted defeat and wondered what are we doing wrong or what can we be doing “better”? But after a while, you get to a point where you realize that what you have believed you were fighting for, you’ve actually been fighting against. And this isn’t to say that any choices we’ve made prior were good or bad ones, just that over time we eventually land where we are meant to be; no matter how many choices we make that inevitably delay it.

I know first hand that the mind and heart do not always play nice and that sometimes you need to quiet them both and go deep into your soul to find the answers best for you. Often it’s only when we quiet the mind and release the heart do we afford ourselves the opportunity to connect with our own inner guidance; the one that is objective and has no agenda.

We can trust this voice because unlike the mind it’s not “thinking” logically as to what might make the most sense, or take into account what others might think, etc. And unlike the heart, it’s not tied up in the emotion that often clouds us from accurately seeing things that are potentially dangerous to our overall well-being.
In the Midst of Life’s Noise, Listen to the Song of Your Soul — by Tamara Rant