Normally I put links to Anna's essays in her own thread but this idea is so distinctly a spiritual realization that I felt it might be found here by people who are primarily interested in that area.

My friend from Montauk maintains that it is because we don't look upward. He says that everything on Earth is a matter of frequencies and that the frequencies emitted by the Heavens above us are not being received because our Pineal Glands are being chemically atrophied and because on top of that, we don't look up into the heavens.

That is, our own natural receivers are being blocked biologically by pollutants, and then on top of it, our secondary sensor systems are failing because we don't consciously look up and take in the frequencies through our visual portals, either.

I am a practical being down to my flat little feet. And I am skeptical by nature as a wild dog. For me, the proof is always in the pudding. So, for the past several weeks, I have increased my sky-watching time.

He's right.
Look Upward — by Anna Von Reitz