“Well you know I do this sound healing work and all of the sounds that I use are calibrated to the planets. And so my spiritual path I think really involves an entry into everything, including the Earth, but everything that's beyond too. That there is this incredible truth. Light, God, energy, that permeates the whole cosmos. And when I use these tools I really feel like I actually tap into that and the spirituality or the truth or whatever information runs through me as I’m working, helps me understand something in a much greater context than just going to work and paying bills.

"I think when I'm using sound and synchronizing with that nature when I have a client on the table, there's a dynamic energy that happens when the client, myself and all of these cosmic forces including earthly forces. When all of that comes together, it reveals information that I can't really tap into in any other contexts. In the Hindu tradition there is something called Sam Yama, and also Samadi. Where three qualities of consciousness merge. And I really feel like when I do my work I actually do experience Samadi in varying degrees. Sometimes extremely profound and sometimes kind of a fleeting experience. But I think there's an innate archetypal quality that reveals itself through my work and to me that is part of what I would consider the energy of God to be when it expresses itself.”
All of Life is Vibration — Sylvia Pelcz-Larsen by Portraits In Faith