You feel lost in life. You’re sick of your job, your relationships are mediocre at best, your friendships are bland and unsupportive, you feel empty inside, and you’ve lost the zest for life …

If you can relate to most of these experiences, you are undoubtedly going through an existential crisis. In other words, you’re at a crossroads in life: you’re feeling stuck and you’re starting to crave for a more meaningful existence.

The solution to this gnawing angst?

Soul searching.

When we are disconnected from our Souls we feel anxious, depressed, lonely, isolated, and chronically dissatisfied with life.

To overcome this pain, we need to reconnect with the deepest, rawest, most alive and fundamental part of ourselves.

In this article, my intention is to show you how.

Soul Searching: 7 Steps For Lost Souls — by Aletheia Luna